5 Hacks to Help Your Skin Weather The Party Season

Let’s face it, party season is ALL about the prep; your skin is about the effort you put into it. But who’s got time for lengthy, 15-step routines? Not us. Which is why we look to miracle workers and multi-taskers to get the job done efficiently with visible results.

Here are five of our faves:

1. Dial Up Your Cleansing Efforts

Now is the time to upgrade your cleanser to a formulation spiked with AHAs to gently exfoliate your skin on the daily. Our L-Lactic Cleanser is infused with gentle Lactic Acid to remove tired skin cells and make way for fresh, glowy newbies. Start by introducing it as your evening cleanse.

2. Smooth Skin for The Win

We love and appreciate a multi-tasker and our Glycolic Scrub 14% is a truly smooth operator that’s safe to use on your face and all over your body. It’s both a chemical and physical exfoliant, marrying Glycolic Acid with biodegradable, ocean-friendly Jojoba Beads to buff and polish your skin to clear, smooth, and radiant. Tea Tree Oil helps as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory so this scrub can really help to clear up congestion and breakouts.

Glycolic Scrub 14% is also a great pre-tanning treatment to not only remove any dead skin cells (or old tan that’s still hanging in there) but it will also help to heal any ingrown hairs.

Learn more about our range of exfoliants here.

3. The DIY Revitalising Mask

If your skin is feeling the pain that has been 2020, we’re with you. If its looking a bit tired and over itself before the silly season has even started, you can create your own hybrid scrub-meets-hydrating-mask by adding a few drops of our Multi-Active Oil into an almond-sized amount (or two) of Glycolic Scrub 14% before massaging into the skin for 30 seconds and then rinsing with warm water. It will help to refine, retexturise, and revitalise your skin, taking it to a new level of glow.

4. Roll Your Skin to Radiant

One of the simplest skin pick-me-ups we swear by is a minute or two spent with our Rose Quartz Face Roller . It’s an instant way to kickstart your skin’s circulation that results in real-time glow and ultimately softer, smoother skin. You can use it on clean, dry skin either before you apply your correcting serum or moisturiser or after to help work those active ingredients deeper in your skin.

And for those bouncing between events, we suggest leaving your roller in the fridge overnight and reaching for it the morning after to help revive overtired, overindulged skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Read more about how to use our face roller here.

5. Time To Shine

The acne-afflicted, pigmentation-prone, and former sun worshippers can vouch for the brilliance of Even Blend Serum and the way it helps to exfoliate, refine, and help even out your skin tone with a custom blend of potent botanicals. It not only addresses surface pigmentation but help to calm those persistent, pigment-producing cells and slow future production. But sprinkle in a little of our Vitamin C 100%, mix together, and watch your glow grow. Vitamin C is also a key contributor to Collagen production which helps to support and strengthen your skin.

Learn how to use our Vitamin C and with which other correctors you can (and can’t) combine it here.

Read more about our range of skin correctors here.

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