A Quick Fix For Sluggish Skin

We’re BIG fans of both physical and chemical exfoliants to wake up tired, sluggish skin but there’s another great hack you can do at home to revive your complexion in a matter of minutes.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

A type of therapeutic massage for the face and body, lymphatic drainage is essentially the process of draining or circulating excess fluid from the lymph nodes. It can be done using your fingers or with the help of a tool such as a face roller. For best results, we like to use our Rose Quartz Face Roller.

Why is Lymphatic Drainage Good for Your Skin?

Lymphatic drainage can address a number of skin conditions including dull skin tone, inflammation and puffiness — especially under the eyes — and even dry skin. After using our Rose Quartz Face Roller, you’ll quickly see the return of healthier skin tone and radiance (thanks to the way it boosts circulation and blood flow), and enhanced contours around the cheeks and jawline that may have been concealed by fluid retention and puffiness. As you use it in conjunction with a face oil or moisturiser, using a face roller to encourage lymphatic drainage can help to relieve dry skin as the roller also helps to push the product into the skin for enhanced absorption.

How Do I Use a Face Roller?

You can use the roller all over your face and neck, alternating between using the large roller for the neck, cheeks, and forehead and the small roller to concentrate around the eyes, around the mouth, and across the chin.

We make time for face rolling first thing in the morning, 2-3 times a week for best results. It really helps with that first-thing puffiness and gets your glow going – especially if you keep your roller in the fridge for an hour or two before use. Added bonus: Rose Quartz retains the cold really well, even longer than Jade does in fact, helping to tighten pores, not to mention wake you up!

1. Before you reach for your roller, start with freshly cleansed skin and a hydrating spritz of our Multi-Active Mist.

2. Then apply a product with good slip that will help the roller to glide gently and easily across your skin without tugging at it. If you have oily skin, use Moisture Defence – Oily, normal or combination skin can use Moisture Defence – Normal, or if you’re on the dry side, try a few drops of our Multi-Active Oil.

3. Using the larger roller, start at the neck and roll upwards and repeat 3-5 times. Then roll along the jawline to the ear on both sides, using gentle pressure.

4. Place the roller under the cheekbones and roll up along the bone.

5. Now roll from the brows up towards the temples and then horizontally across your brow bone.

6. Flip to the smaller roller and roll across the chin and above the mouth up to the nose. Dab on a little Eye Believe and then roll gently along the orbital bone under the eyes.

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