We consider Collagen to be the MVP in an effective anti-ageing plan. Here’s why it’s so important to boost your body’s own Collagen production and five easy ways you can help to give it a nudge.

A naturally abundant protein in the body, Collagen is the main component of connective tissues and can be found in bones, muscles, ligaments, teeth, and blood vessels. In fact, there are 28 different types of Collagen produced by the body; the most important are Types I-IV with Type 1 being the most influential when it comes to skin quality and condition.

Why Collagen is so important for anti-ageing

The simplest way to understand just how important Collagen is to the skin is to think of it as the scaffolding that gives the connective tissues structure. It’s also responsible for that plump, youthful look we all want and it also helps prevent skin from sagging.

The bad news: from around your mid-20s, your body starts to produce less and less Collagen and the quality of that Collagen also starts to slide. Add in contributing factors like stress, diet and lifestyle, and UV exposure and you’ll see the effects start to show up in your skin.

How to build (more) Collagen

The good news: there are a number of things you can do to help boost your natural Collagen production and help to support skin both internally and topically including:

  • Upping your daily intake of Collagen-rich foods like fish and shellfish, chicken, bone broth, antioxidant-rich fruits (especially berries), and leafy greens will help your body produce more Collagen.

  • A simple add-on to your morning routine, an ingestible supplement can encourage not just Collagen production but density; helping to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for Hydrolysed Marine Collagen which is more easily absorbed by the body.

SKINTEL: You can learn more about the skin benefits of ingestible collagen here.

  • Skin needling can be another great way to kickstart your Collagen production. The tiny micro needles in a skin-needling device painlessly roll over your skin, encouraging the wound healing process and in turn, the production of Collagen.
  • Active topical ingredients like Retinol and Vitamin C are game changers when it comes to their anti-ageing abilities and they’ve been scientifically proven to promote Collagen formation to help support and improve skin condition.

A number of ways to help put your skin into Collagen-production mode:

  1. Build skin support from within

Studies show that the sustainably sourced Collagen Peptides (VERISOL®FCW) we hero in our Collagen Plus are easily absorbed by the body to support Type I Collagen production for improved skin firmness, elasticity and integrity. We’ve also included powerful antioxidants Vitamins C & E, Grape Seed Extract and Zinc (an essential mineral for Collagen and Elastin production). It’s an odourless, flavourless powder supplement that’s easily added to water or your favourite hot or cold drink.

  1. Needlework

Skin needling is a manual technique to help up the production of this important protein. After you’ve gently cleansed your skin, use our Derma Roller  in sections of the face, rolling horizontally and vertically. The 600 micro-needles trigger the skin’s wound-healing process (and Collagen production) into action mode. You’ll find that whatever treatment serum or moisturiser you apply after your skin-needling session will more easily absorb into the skin and you won’t need to use as much product.

SKINTEL: Watch our dedicated SKINTEL IGTV episode on how to use your Derma Roller for best results here.

  1. A is for amazing

Some of our favourite vitamins are known Collagen builders, proven many times over to directly influence and increase the production of Collagen within the skin. Vitamin A is a highly respected overachiever for the way it transforms skin texture and tone. Vitamin A-derivative Retinol is our go-to for persistent skin conditions like acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and to help treat the visible signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles and skin that’s lost its lustre and bounce.

SKINTEL: We’ve developed a number of cosmeceutical treatment products that hero the Collagen-boosting powers of Vitamin A. From our Rejuvenate 15 Serum which contains gentle Lana Blue (a Marine algae with natural Vitamin A properties) to our best-selling Retinol Serum with an encapsulated form of Vitamin A (0.25% Retinol) to not just stimulate Collagen production but inhibit the breakdown of existing reserves. And there’s also our newest Vitamin A advocate: EXPERT Reveal Retinol Oil with an innovative blend of 1% Retinol and the gentler retinoid Retinyl Palmitate to refine and retexturize while addressing the visible signs of ageing.

  1. Collagen starts with C

Tried-and-trusted Vitamin C has been proven to play an important role in Collagen synthesis, helping to boost production, activate skin repair and help to preserve existing Collagen supply. Without adequate levels of Vitamin C, the body can’t form, store, or produce more Collagen. Our Vitamin C 100% is the purest, most concentrated form of L-Ascorbic Acid there is. And is a genius way (not-so-humble brag) to boost your skin’s existing reserves as it can be so easily added to your existing skinstitut faves (moisturiser, serum, mask, or sunscreen).

  1. Protect against UV

This final step might just be the most important of all. Exposure to ultraviolet light chews through your Collagen reserves so not protecting your Collagen-boosted skin will undo all that great work you’ve done in steps 1-4. Don’t leave the house without applying Age Defence SPF50+  to your face, neck, décolletage and the backs of your hands. Reapply to top up your protection as needed.











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