Your Anti-Ageing Game Plan

How to prepare for your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s

Truth be told, we don’t like to focus on age but rather skin stage. For there are particular skin changes that occur at different life stages and many of those can be stalled, delayed, temporarily put on pause with the help of the right skincare, diligence, and a little professional help.

So we’ve compiled a game plan for each ‘stage’ with a mantra that can focus your efforts and some key recommendations to help you feel more confident in your skin.

Your 20s Mantra: Protect. Protect. Protect.

It’s highly likely that, later in life, you’ll look back on this time, and quite possibly kick yourself for not realising just how good you had it. But let’s deal with the now; your skin is performing at its optimum or close to it. Cellular turnover is pretty efficient with not much effort on your part; and even if you’ve had to battle with breakouts or acne, your skin probably glows unprompted and doesn’t require the nudges we need to give it later in life.  Enjoy.

No matter what your skin concerns right now, the smartest, most proactive thing you can do is protect your skin against UV exposure. It is the biggest contributor to premature ageing and exposure to UV shows up years and even decades after you’ve done the damage. It’s a stealth operator of sorts and one you should pay attention to. Yes, you should remove your makeup before bed. Yes, you should cleanse or double cleanse twice daily to avoid breakouts. But if you’ve only got the bandwidth to be really diligent about one thing, make it wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen (and reapplying throughout the day).

Your 20s Must-have: Age Defence SPF50+
Doing triple-beauty duty as a daytime moisturiser, make-up primer and broad-spectrum SPF, this is 100% the best investment you’ll ever make.

We also recommend: An exfoliating cleanser like L-Lactic Cleanser
This efficient two-in-one cleanser will not only keep skin clean and healthy but has a light exfoliating effect to give expired skin cells a push. A quiet achiever.

Your 30s Mantra: Boost Collagen

Time to get busy. Have you met Hydroxy Acids? You should. Let them get busy on your face to deal with surface congestion, the early signs of sun damage, and to leave your skin soft and luminous. Your cellular turnover is quietly entering go-slow mode and will really benefit from the chemical exfoliation at which the Hydroxy-Acid family excels.

During your 30s, your natural Collagen and Elastin production also starts to slow down; which is one of the reasons you may start noticing some expression lines (smile, frown, frustration) on your forehead and around your eyes. And the fact that your skin doesn’t seem to bounce back so effortlessly as it did in your 20s.  It may be time you got to know our good friend, Vitamin A: it’s a real game changer on a number of levels. In fact, there’s little it won’t improve. Great for acne-prone skins and scarring. Great for radiance. Great for skin lacking density and to restore that youthful plumpness. Great, great, great.

This is also a stage when pigmentation and that stealth sun damage can decide to make an appearance, affecting your skin tone in a way that may see you reaching for more coverage in your makeup. Certain medications like the contraception pill can also contribute to pigmentation. Keep your face out of direct sunlight and keep on wearing that high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen religiously.

30s Must-have: Retinol Serum
Serums are a great investment as they contain concentrated, active formulations to target specific skin challenges like skin tone and texture and get the job done. Our Retinol Serum contains an advanced delivery system to quickly and efficiently transport Vitamin A to the deeper layers of the skin, boosting Collagen and Elastin production so skin appears clearer, smoother, and more even in tone.

We also recommend:  Homecare Roller
A painless, DIY skin-needling tool that helps to refine the skin’s texture and tone while encouraging your favourite skincare products to penetrate the skin more efficiently.

Your 40’s Mantra: Radiate

At this stage of life, your skin really wears both the good and the bad behaviours. You may have started to notice that its ability to bounce back is even more affected by late nights, travel, and your hectic work schedule than it was in your 30s. That’s the fault of your natural Collagen and Elastin stores in fatigue mode. Environmental pressures like pollution, and an ever-increasing UV index do you no favours either. Sun damage seems to accelerate and your skin tone and texture may need a renovation.

The great news is that a return to the basics—the absolute essentials of good, restful sleep, internal hydration (your 8+ glasses of water daily) and sunscreen— will definitely make a difference to your skin texture. Add in some targeted treatment with chemical exfoliants and skin-brightening serums and you will see a visible difference. Peptides can be a part of that visible difference. They are smooth talkers that communicate with the deeper layers of the skin where Collagen is on the slide and strongly encourage them to stay upright.

If you’re not having professional treatments, we’d encourage you to consider skin-refining options like micro-needling, microdermabrasion or chemical peels by a qualified therapist to help resurface and revitalise the skin.

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40s Must-Have: Rejuvenate 15 Serum
It hydrates, firms, and boosts elasticity. Copper, minerals, and those powerful peptides we just mentioned trick mature cells into acting like their best, younger selves. Fresher, firmer skin coming right up. 

We also recommend: Vitamin C 100%
Affirmative anti-ageing action for all skins. This is L-ascorbic acid at its most pure and most concentrated, helping to reboot collagen production, refine texture and tone, and reclaim that radiance that’s been M.I.A.

Your 50’s Mantra: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate

Hydration is important at every stage but never more so than right now. Hydrated skin cells equal plump skin cells and plump is everything for skin at this stage —and a clever counter move against the loss in volume that is an inevitable part of the ageing process (thanks for nothing Collagen and Elastin that’s really starting to slack off by now). Injectable cosmetic fillers are also an effective way to counter volume loss if it’s really become a persistent concern.

Hydration is also a big contributor to natural luminosity so topping up the skin’s natural moisture reserves is a great starting point for a radiance reboot. Declining hormones (which affects moisture-preserving oestrogen levels) and the continued slowing of cellular function can often result in dryness and a dull complexion. Time to shift to richer, more nourishing skincare superheroes to provide the support and the luminosity you want and need.

50s Must-Have: Repair Balm
Super nourishing on its own but also works well to boost your everyday moisturiser to dial up your Collagen production and hydration levels and help skin look and feel softer, smoother, and more resilient.

We also recommend: Ultra Firming Neck & Eye Cream

Rich, creamy, and pumped with powerful peptides to address fine lines and wrinkles and help boost the repair process.

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